Human Centred Design

Vox & 99% invisible – Bad door design   Absolutely love this video. Interesting, I would normally think about “user interface” in the computing sense, however of course it applies to the much bigger human interaction with the world around

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Noisy office syndrome. Is it a thing…

Noisey offices are increasingly becoming a problem and current aesthetic trends are not helping. What are the options?

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The spatial effect of Background Noise on Speech Intelligibility in a simulated office environment

This document was originally written for an assessment as part of my studies in Audio & Acoustics at Sydney University.

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Networked Video – Is it right for you?

Networked Video Pro & Cons overview

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Dealers vs Distributors 

A Short review of a rAVe article and additional thoughts

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Productivity & Comfort in the Modern Workplace

I’ve read a couple of similar articles in the news recently regarding employee productivity in a “hot desking” or activity-based working (ABW) environment [1] [2]. Authors and quoted experts seem to regularly make the assumption that employee comfort (or happiness) is proportional

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