Home Hi-Fi Speaker Build

I have recently been building my own Hifi speakers.  Nothing big just a pair of bookshelf, 2 way, 5″ and tweeter ported boxes.  I used online resources as a design guides for the dimensions of the timber cabinet (MDF) and bought all drivers and crossovers from WES (Peerless).  My design was essentially based around their kit of the same size, but I am quite into woodworking so I wanted to do all that work myself.

I must say I am not 100% finished I plan to finish the exterior in a Iron on Veneer and add some Wading inside the cavity but I am so absolutely so impressed with the sound of them!

I am currently driving them with my old (20yo) Akai Amplifer module connected to the audio out of my TV and they kill the Sonos PlayBar I had connected before that.  So much space, depth and clarity in the sound stage from these two little boxes.  Of course I may be biased, but that’s kind of the point of building them yourself.

I will keep you updated with the remaining couple of things for completion and I’ve got a feeling a Subwoofer will be complementing them soon!!


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